Hoboken Gets $1.9M For Small Business, $8M For Coronavirus Care


HOBOKEN, NJ — U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and other officials announced on Wednesday that Hoboken small businesses can get $1.9 million in CARES Act funding, and that the city will also get $8 million for the city’s coronavirus expenses including testing, food for seniors, costs of disinfecting public buildings, and more. (Find out how to get a coronavirus test in Hoboken at the end of the story.)

Businesses affected by the crisis can apply for grants of up to $20,000 through a program administered by Hoboken and Hudson County.

Some small businesses and schools in Hoboken have already received federal PPP loans, which can be forgiven (see the list here). Others set up GoFundMe accounts for their staff at the beginning of the pandemic. But even those who’ve gotten PPP loans say they still have struggles. READ MORE: Here Are The Hoboken Businesses That Got

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2Q 2020: To Hell and Back


Everyone who owned common stocks in the U.S. went through hell in the first quarter of this year. The 36% decline in the S&P 500 Index in February and March was the fastest 36% decline of my lifetime. This hell was especially damaging to those of us who have a positive view of the U.S. economy over the next 10 years.

The decline hit economically sensitive stocks much harder than even the index reflects. Commodities, which are usually a pretty good reflection of economic strength, came out of the decline as depressed versus common stocks as they have been in the last 215 years (see chart below):

Source: Stifel, Macro & Portfolio Strategy, April 5, 2020. Dec. 1, 1805 – Dec. 31, 2019. Data for time period Dec. 1, 2020 – Dec. 31, 2025.

The complete collapse in economic optimism, due to the Covid-19 pandemic quarantines, translated into vicious declines

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HoCo RISE Business Relief Grant Recipients Revealed Wednesday


HOWARD COUNTY, MD — On Wednesday, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will reveal the recipients of the first round of HoCo RISE Business Relief Grants. Howard County allocated $5.7 million towards the grant program to provide financial assistance to businesses in targeted sectors that have been most impacted by the coronavirus and plan to reopen.

“Our goal was to rapidly provide critical funds to local businesses who were the most impacted by pandemic mitigation efforts,” said Ball in a statement. “These grants address immediate needs and ensure businesses have the funds, resources and support to adapt to safety and regulation changes.”

The business grants include:

  • A Storefront Retail Assistance Program providing $2.7 million to locally-owned, small retailers and service merchants in commercial space who have been forced to close because of the governor’s non-essential business order.

  • An Agriculture Assistance Program providing $800,000 in total grant assistance to support local, full

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6 Alternative Data Companies That Could Win Big At The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards


Alternative data is a booming corner of the fintech space, as stock prices can be affected by a number of detailed trends — and many are relatively inaccessible to the average trader and investor.  

As we approach the 2020 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, here’s a look at some growing alternative data organizations that are poised to compete at this year’s event.

Yewno: Yewno, Inc. is an artificial intelligence-powered alternative data provider that offers data packages, index strategies and, most recently, a game-changing investment research platform: Yenwo|Edge. 

The Yewno|Edge platform uncovers hidden risks in a portfolio by ingesting a wide range of alternative data in order to serve up insights based on abstract and ill-defined concepts that impact the markets in unpredictable ways, according to the company.

Concepts identified through Yewno|Edge can range from companies to people, themes, trends and even events. 

Quiver Quantitative: Quiver Quant aims to

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