Outstanding Oregano: Mother of Pizza Spices

Hello everyone! Here I will talk about an ingredient that has remained its identity through the ages. I am talking of course about oregano.

Oregano is a popular herb that originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe, including countries such as Greece, the Middle-East, and naturally my home country of Italy. It’s name came from the Greek words “oros” (meaning “mountain”) and “ganos” (meaning “joy”). Put them together, and oregano simply means “joy of the mountains”. Read more here domino’s coupon.

It is a perennial type of plant, growing between 20 to 80 centimetres tall. It’s distinctive feature is its small pink or purple flowers which have a somewhat sharp, spiky arrangement. Though these flowers are also edible, oregano tastes best when it is harvested before it gets a chance to produce flowers.

Oregano’s popularity in the world of pizza rose significantly after World War II. US soldiers, coming back from the war, brought back with them samples of what they called the “pizza herb”. Through the years, with the help of globalization, the taste of oregano (together with basil) has come to be known worldwide as a mainstay in Italian-American cuisine, helping shape its distinct characteristic and taste.

Oregano’s Role in the Creation of Pizza

In a previous post, we discussed the history of pizza in Naples. It started out as a means for the poor citizens of the city to enjoy a relatively cheap, simple meal created with affordable ingredients such as dough and tomatoes.

According to Italian legend, oregano found its way into pizza Neapoletana when King Umberto I, together with his wife Queen Margherita di Savoia, would spend a summer holiday in Naples and order a pizza to be created for them, to sample this famous peasant dish made by local pizzaoli.

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