Cortus Energy (STO:CE) Has Rewarded Shareholders With An Exceptional 438% Total Return On Their Investment


Stock pickers are generally looking for stocks that will outperform the broader market. And the truth is, you can make significant gains if you buy good quality businesses at the right price. To wit, the Cortus Energy share price has climbed 74% in five years, easily topping the market decline of 5.6% (ignoring dividends). However, more recent returns haven’t been as impressive as that, with the stock returning just 51% in the last year.

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With just kr409,000 worth of revenue in twelve months, we don’t think the market considers Cortus Energy to have proven its business plan. As a result, we think it’s unlikely shareholders are paying much attention to current revenue, but rather speculating on growth in the years to come. It seems likely some shareholders believe that Cortus Energy will discover or develop fossil fuel before too long.

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