Does insurance cover damage from uprisings? What you need to know about filing claims


Businesses, homes and cars damaged or vandalized in the uprisings and civil unrest after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis will be covered by most insurance policies.

With few exceptions, auto, business and homeowner insurance policies cover property damage caused by such incidents, industry experts told USA TODAY.

“I would expect anyone that has actual, physical damage to their property should be making a claim now,” said Kim Winter, an attorney who leads Lathrop GPM’s insurance recovery and counseling practice group. “We recommend that they make a claim sooner rather than later, even if they don’t know what all of their damages are yet.”

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George Floyd protests: How to avoid disinformation and misinformation on social media

Protesters have been rallying against racial inequality and police brutality after Floyd’s death. Minneapolis police officer Derek

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Bosses to avoid quarantine under ‘business travel corridors’ plan


Bosses could avoid Boris Johnson’s controversial quarantine under radical proposals to create “business travel corridors” with Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Corporate travel agents have hatched a plan they hope to have in place within a week allowing business leaders to jet off to meetings and sidestep the new rules.

Executives arriving from the three cities would take an “on the spot” PCR coronavirus test under proposals spearheaded by the Business Travellers Association.

Backed by the likes of American Express Global Business Travel and Reed & Mackay, major operators say “a blanket quarantine that blocks important international business journeys makes no sense”.

The special measures are proposed in a letter to Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, and Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary.

It reads: “We are not proposing immediately abandoning your quarantine policy. Instead, as a means of restoring confidence across the business community, and as a way of testing whether

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