Summer holiday plans at risk over lack of travel insurance


Holidaymakers are unlikely to be covered by new travel insurance if they cancel an overseas break this summer because they are told to self-isolate.

At present, no policies cover trips abroad as UK Foreign Office advice is to avoid all but essential travel.

Any relaxation of that guidance could signal the start of a summer getaway.

But travellers whose plans are affected because they have been in contact with coronavirus cases may struggle to make a claim via their insurance.

People who have an annual policy bought or renewed before the outbreak may be better placed.

Yet, concerns have also been raised that anyone taking part in trials for a vaccine will see any existing cover for coronavirus-related claims invalidated by taking part.

‘The answer was an emphatic no’

NHS worker Anne Elliott, from Bristol, volunteered to take part in a year-long Covid-19 vaccine study.

She was given an information

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How to Build a Personal 10-Year Plan


Young or old, stable or in transition, starting a new business or trying to find an exit strategy for a mature business, building a 10-year plan can give you a significant edge in living a happier and more fulfilling life. More specifically, for a business owner, it could be the difference between making a profit and harnessing your passion or losing years of your life as success continually remains elusive. The primary objective should be to take control of your future and not to simply be reactive and take what life throws at you.

If you don’t have a written, passionate vision of your future 10 years from now, what are you even doing and why? Have you really thought through your activities right now and what the long-term ramifications will be?

Writing down a plan can be a game changer in your personal growth and happiness. If you feel

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