Metropolitan School of Panama and its world-class allies

Suppose you are looking to enroll your children in a world-class educational institution. In that case, you can opt to enhance their learning and make sure they grow up in an environment designed to provide opportunities to explore not only the arts but also problem-solving while giving an accurate sense of the planet’s current reality.

If this vision strikes you as “too good”, stay with us and see how you can partake in it because, in this article, we’ll share how the Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) achieves all of these through strategic alliances with world-leading institutions and organizations, thus granting life-changing experiences for their students and assuring they get the best education possible.

The Julliard School

When teenagers are presented with the world of drama, music and dance, they get to explore the magic of the performing arts, and at the MET, their alliance with The Julliard School in New York provides the student with a program carried by exceptional teachers in which the entirety of the alumni benefit from it and not only those with a passion and aspirations within the topic.

The opportunities for learning the skills range from building confidence and an ability to unlock self-expression, right through to an immersion in – and appreciation for – different cultures. These are put in place to foster the student’s creativity through practicing with their classmates, stimulating their imagination, a tool known to unlock the mysteries of their unknown potential.

Additionally, the Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard programs in China and the USA provide a chance for the students to form lasting relationships with others passionate about the arts from all across the world. Undoubtedly an inspiring and fun-filled experience, these take place during term time and in the holidays and are designed by The Juilliard School.

MET’s teachers enjoy the benefits of being instructed by some of the world’s top-performing arts educators, while each school has its own Juilliard Curriculum Specialist assigned to support and collaborate with them. The vibrant atmosphere encourages professional development through continuous dialogue and regular school visits.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Thinking creatively and outside the box sets the students on a path of great discovery and with that, a chance to impact their world in amazing ways. MET aims to develop great thinkers and innovators, by collaborating with MIT they offer children an introduction to interdisciplinary STEAM learning, providing solid foundations for curiosity and problem-solving.

Despite being taught separately, science, technology, engineering, arts and math combined provide students with the adequate tools to face the challenge of working together with classmates on some of the problems that MIT professors and researchers are working on today, proving that an inspired mind working under the right guidance can produce remarkable results.

STEAM learning is approached differently by them, allowing children to delve into multifaceted problems with aid from university-level learning and hands-on tasks. This helps pupils to nurture their teamwork and imaginative capacities, while also learning the necessary abilities for life in this rapidly evolving planet.

Their teachers attend workshops held at the world-renowned MIT, conducted by distinguished and esteemed academics and researchers. They connect with influential engineers and scientists to gain insight into topics such as climate change, bioengineering, space exploration, and so much more!


The institution stimulates students’ minds for them to think about creating real and lasting change, in their localities and around the world, the MET School of Panama has partnered with UNICEF, This organization helps them develop through challenges and learning materials based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are at the base of their Social Impact Program and the annual Global Challenge. A chance for the alumni to positively influence their community with the projects they undertake. And also for World Children’s Day, activities instruct students on their rights, how to safeguard them, and how to defend those who lack the power to express themselves.

And finally, for those interested in the political side of the contribution, UNICEF allows pupils to meet and interact with UN and other government leaders at the UN High-Level Political Platform (HLPF). Those who attend can participate in workshops and seminars, and even get the unique opportunity to speak at the UN’s headquarters in New York.